Equine Assisted Services

Equine-Assisted Learning (Unmounted and/or Mounted)

According to PATH International, Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is an experiential learning approach which promotes the development of life skills applicable to academic, personal, or professional pursuits through guided equine interactions. Participants will pursue personal or group identified goals through quality activities formulated by the Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning (ESMHL, Destani Langford).

Minimum participation requirement: 8 sessions or 8 hours (max at one time is 4 hours for groups) per day. All paperwork and fees must be completed prior to participation.

***Mounted EAL coming soon***


Initial Assessment (1 hour long): $75

Individual: $60 per hour

Group (2 or more): $50 per hour

Experience Olive

Experience Olive is a program created to introduce people to the world of horses. Participants will work in partnership with the horse(s) to explore and develop horsemanship skills. Through this introduction, participants may receive insight to areas of challenge that may or may not be evident to the individual/group. If participants choose to continue services with us and participate in our Equine-Assisted Learning program, they may choose to continue to focus on challenges or goals identified during Experience Olive. All Experience Olive sessions are unmounted.

Minimum session requirement: 1 hour. Maximum session time is 2 hours per day, and can be broken down into multiple days. All paperwork and fees must be completed prior to participation.


Individual or Group: $45 per hour

Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy

The ESMHL is able to partner with educational, mental health, and medical professionals to pursue goals that they have for their clients in partnership with a horse(s). Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy/Counseling/Services (EAP/C/S) is an interactive process in which individuals ages 4 and up participate in clinically structured equine activities to improve and enhance mental, emotional and social functioning (for example IEPs and treatment plans).

The EAP/C/S team consists of the equine, client, licensed specialist, and the Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning. Specialists work together to reach long term and short term goals established by the participants and licensed specialists.

In order to participate in this program a partnership(s) will need to be established between OBH and appropriate specialist(s). Specialists will be required to visit the farm to learn the ins and outs of working with horses and understanding equine communication. There are options for the ESMHL to run the activities privately where the client will debrief with the specialist at another time or for the specialist and the ESMHL to work together on site with the client(s). For more information contact us at 717-833-4143.

Minimum participation requirement: 8 sessions. Maximum session time is 2 hours per day. All paperwork and fees must be completed prior to participation.


Initial Assessment (1 hour long): $85

Individual: $70 per hour

Group: $60 per hour

Riding Lessons

Our lesson program has been designed for riders age 4 and up. We specialize in ground work/unmounted activities for beginner and intermediate riders. Our goal is to help participants become well rounded in horse care and riding fundamentals so that they understand how much goes into owning or leasing a horse. In order to maintain safety as our primary concern, all riders must read and fill out all forms contained in this packet which provides essential information designed to make your experience as fulfilling and safe as possible.

Fees at Olive’s Branch Healing:

Individual: $45 per hour

Groups Coming Soon

OBH Horse Powered Book Club (Literacy Circle)

The OBH Book Club is designed to help participants increase literacy skills and confidence levels through book discussion. Participants will learn different ways to discuss or process the horse books they read through assigned and rotating roles with their peers. As part of the Book Club, participants will interact with the OBH herd to help them apply what they’ve learned from their book assignment. Book Clubs will be 4 weeks long with 6 participants for each group.

Minimum participation requirement: 4 weeks (one day each week) and 6 participants for the group to run. All paperwork and fees must be completed prior to participation. If a date is missed by the participant, full payment is still required to participate in the Book Club.


Application and Processing Fee (non-refundable): $45

Total Program Cost: $300

Equine Leasing

Equine leasing is one of the ways that we repurpose our horses at OBH. Equine leasing provides an opportunity for clients to experience first hand what it’s like to own a horse before making the full commitment of owning one. Through our leasing program we ensure that the equine we rescue will have a loving home, a life filled with  purpose, and will never be put at risk for slaughter. It is our hope to offer more space to rescue equines by working with multiple individuals and families through leasing.

Mentorship is required in some cases to ensure a safe and well matched partnership between the lessee and equine.

Contact us to learn more.

Equine Rescue and Donation

Olive's Branch Healing exists to provide alternative outcomes for horses at risk. Whether the horse is surrendered, found in a kill pen, or is just not a good match for its owners, we exist to help these horses have a safe place to land. We know that circumstances change which can prevent horse owners from continuing to be able to afford a horse. By surrendering your horse to OBH we ensure a safe place for the horse to continue living a life with purpose by participating in our equine-assisted services.

To surrender an equine, the owner must submit an application stating why they think the horse would be a good fit for our various programs that largely involve beginner or novice individuals in the equestrian field. The equine will enter into our trial program for 30-90 days to determine if they are a good fit for our services. If it is found the horse will enjoy another job, OBH will rehome the horse to an appropriate match. Potential owners will go through our application process and be evaluated for suitability. All rehomed horses are under contract to prevent the horse going through auction and other unsafe situations. These horses will be monitored through check-ins completed by OBH staff.

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