Meet the Herd


Olive is the special big pony that started OBH. Destani first encountered her on a farm out in Newburgh, PA living with a small herd of cows. Accustomed to that lifestyle, she forgot what it was like to be with her own kind. After about 3 years of bonding, Destani and Emmanuel made the decision to take Olive on the next part of their journey. Olive is both sweet and sassy (we call her sour patch kid), making her the perfect teacher and friend). Olive works in our EAL and riding lesson program.

Sweet Girl

Sweet Girl is a Thoroughbred who spent a lot of her time racing (OTTB). Living up to her name, she is one of our sweetest horses. She is gentle and attentive even after competing in such a challenging sport. Our goal for her is to experience what it means to be loved without performance. Sweet Girl works in our EAL and riding lesson program.

Sunday Morning

Sunday is one of the best boys around. He came to us from a loving family who wanted to help him find a place to call home. He tries his heart out at everything does and loves spending time with people when he is comfortable. Sunday works in our EAL and riding lesson programs.

Kandi Girl

Kandi is a dark bay OTTB mare who loves to be loved. She might play shy but as soon as you start to show her affection she’s all in. Kandi was a broodmare, racehorse and hunter/jumper with a loving family in the past. She now serves in our EAL program with plans to add her to our riding lessons.


Shade is the friendliest guy around! He’s a big boy with a passion to play and has developed the nickname “Smooth Operator”. You could drink a glass of tea while sitting his trot. You won’t be able to miss this guy when you come to visit because he will find you!

Rehomed Horses

At Olive’s Branch Healing, our goal is to incorporate the horses we rescue in our equine-assisted services. At OBH we understand not every horse is meant to be in this kind of work. To respect and honor the horse and their talents we do our best to ensure the proper placement for these horses in homes where they will thrive with a new partner(s).

Miss Tangerine (Tangi)

Tangi is a fun and friendly OTTB who came to us in the fall of 2021. Tangi is a dynamic mover with a passion for work. With her keen personality and sensitivity, Tangi is teaching many about the energy we carry and how to direct it.

She loves her new family and career. She is competing in rodeo with a fancy for barrel racing and 50 yard dash.

Mississippi “Tomahawk” “TT” Blues

Tomahawk is an Appaloosa that came to us all the way from Mississippi. He was raised on a Choctaw Indian Reservation and somehow made his way to a “kill pen” or “slaughter pen.” A kill pen is a temporary holding place that horses can be taken to before they are sold to slaughter companies outside of the US.

Since Tomahawk’s rescue and rehabilitation he has now been rehomed! He is in upstate PA working on trails and barrels with his new owner!


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